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    "A job well done... After co-hosting with Apostle Natalie on 'RHL Ministry Radio', I must say, it was a GOD    ORDAINED, amazing 'encounter' & 'experience'. Much more than a radio station, this program brings listeners into  an 'encounter' directly with our Lord. Christ's anointing poured out over the airwaves, to the very hearts & souls
 of the Lord's children, drawing them back to Him.   ~Minister Jessica Finlayson~
I Want to thank Ms Natalie Young for the opportunity to be a guest speaker on her show RHL Ministry Radio. The experience was pleasure it very informative. The way she runs the show is great, and she is a excellent host, that allows you to get your point across without interruptions. The whole experience was fabulous and would do it again anytime she asked.    

                                           ~Thomas Dye~ International Makeup Artist~
 Preach The Word Worldwide  Network

I would like to invite everyone to listen in on Blog Talk Radio with Apostle Natalie Young of RHL Ministry. Powerful discussions and anointed messages. She is the queen of Talk Radio. I truly enjoy listening in. Listen in!         ~Apostle Marilyn Todman~     
 At RHL Ministry Radio, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of internet radio broadcasting services from around the world.

    "I you love this radio program, if you didn't support this mighty woman of God please do...  Not     
     only with your comments but monetarily help to keep the truth out there...

        ~Minister Eddie Brown, 2014 Stellar Award Artist~

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